Our Mission 1

Our Mission

Our mission (what we do) is:

To support parents in developing young people who know God and are trained to serve and influence their generation through godly attitudes and actions.


To support parents: This is a fundamental belief that God has given children to parents to train and steward, and that the school has been delegated responsibility by the parents for certain aspects of their teaching. Genuinely working together and believing that the parent has the final accountability before God for their children, sets a very important posture for us in school. This is a different attitude from the state or society in general.

In developing young people who know God: Sensitively leading the pupils into a growing relationship with God is the central tenet of all success for us as a school. This leads to success academically and relationally, and helps the pupils to learn what God’s calling is on their life- how each one of them will change the world.

Trained to serve and influence: The word training has a strong sense of intention. Alongside parents we don’t just ‘see how they will turn out’, but disciple them. This involves the attitude of service, and the belief that they can have significant influence and leadership as they are obedient to God.

Their generation: We must recognise the skills they need to reach this generation and to understand what is needed to fulfil the great commission in this generation. They need good academic skills and to be able to use the technological tools of this generation. The call to this generation to reach the even the very ends of the earth must also be part of this.

Through godly attitudes and actions: This emphasises that we are training Christian character, and that both the actions and the attitude behind the action is important to us. We do not want ‘religiosity’, or blind rule following, but a sense of actions flowing out of knowing and loving God.