Our Vision 1

Our Vision

The vision of the school (what the school should be aiming at) is:

To be the best, affordable, non-selective, independent, Christian school in the UK


Best: To us this means striving for excellence in all we do, and trusting in God not our own efforts alone to do this. This excellence should be in our teaching, our equipment, our offer of subjects, our leadership, our pastoral care, every area. It is not perfectionism, but being the best we can be with God’s help.

Affordable: God wants the school to be accessible. It will always require faith in finances for parents and teachers, and yet those who lead and govern must not allow our striving for excellence to exclude unfairly those who God is calling to join us. It should also be affordable, in that the cost of time required is not to the detriment of our families and staff or the other calls God has on our lives.

Non-selective: We believe God wants the academic excellence that he wants from each student. We should be giving glory to God for the great results, and keep in tension the desire to accept and train those with less academic abilities who we believe God is sending to us, where we can genuinely provide for them.

Independent: We have agreed at several points in our history that God wanted us to remain independent from much of the government control that we could have otherwise given away, should we have taken state finance.

Christian: We know God wants everything we do to be thoroughly Christ-centred. This is unpacked more in our Mission page.

We are not alone in this kind of vision, and as we network and encourage other schools like ours across this nation and beyond, we can make a huge impact. We believe as teachers, parents and pupils we can change the world, as we see each pupil trained for Him.