Fees 1


The King’s School is an independent Christian school. This means that we are entirely dependent on parents and others for our income.

School fees are reviewed annually to reflect the real cost of educating each child, based upon the budget for the coming year. To help parents who have more than one child at the school, a sliding scale of fees is in operation. Fees must be paid by twelve monthly direct debit payments (or may be paid annually or termly in advance by agreement with the Bursar).

Fees for 2022-2023

These are the fees applicable from Year 1 through to Year 11 inclusive.

Number of children Annual total Monthly total
1 child £6,372 £531
2 children £11,976 £998
3 children £16,836 £1,403
4 children £20,916 £1,743
5 children £24,240 £2,020


Stepping Stones fees are currently £5.65 per hour for hours in excess of those covered by the Nursery Education Fund.  Parents are invoiced for any hours which are not covered by the Nursery Education Fund, either because your child is too young or too old, or your child’s sessions have exceeded the maximum for their age (or maximum in any one day).

Our Bursar, contact bursar@tkswitney.org.uk, will be happy to calculate your child’s expected fees once your child’s sessions have been agreed, if this would be helpful for you.

The present general scheme is as follows:

Child starting Nursery 1 in the term they turn 3 Fees charged for all hours attended
  • Morning session = £16.95
  • Afternoon session = £14.13
  • Lunch club = £5.65
From term after child became 3 (Nursery 1 and Nursery 2) Nursery Education Fund pays for up to 15 hours per week
  • Attendance over 15 hours per week is charged at £5.65 per hour 
Reception year Nursery Education Fund pays for up to 15 hours per week until the end of the term when your child turns 5
  • Stepping Stones full days are 6.5 hours and a full week is 26 hours.  Parents are charged 11 hours where the child is receiving funded hours. This equates to £62.15 per school week.
  • From the term after your child turns 5, fees apply of £146.90 (full 26 hours) per week
  • Reception children do not attend school on Wednesdays

If both parents are working, you may qualify for the 30 hour funding but will need to supply the Bursar with your code and National Insurance number before the start of the term in which you are claiming: bursar@tkswitney.org.uk