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Early Years' uniform

We are in the process of changing our Early Years uniform to the same as our Year 1 and 2 uniform. There will be a period of transition where some may wear the old uniform handed down from siblings.

Clean uniform that fits allows children to:

  • easily take part in school activities without distraction;
  • wearing comfortable clothes;
  • that they can take responsibility for;
  • learning to wear neatly;
  • without comparisons of fashion, value and so on.

As seasons change, the uniform changes.  In September until October half term the children can wear either their Summer or Winter uniform (weather dependent). Winter uniform is compulsory from after the October half term until the end of the Easter break, and Summer uniform is optional from after the Easter holidays for the duration of the summer term. Please ensure all uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name.

*starred items have a logo and can be ordered from


We expect hair to be neat and tidy, with long hair tied back.  We ask that those with long hair wear black or blue hair bands, bobbles or clips.

Nails and Ears

We expect girls with pierced ears to wear plain gold or silver studs (thereby keeping the one hole per ear, open).  Higher up the Primary school these will be covered with micropore tape or taken out when necessary during games lessons.  It is important that nails are kept short and clean, and we expect no nail varnish to be worn from Year 1 upwards.


Health requirements, eczema for example, are thoroughly acceptable reasons to allow agreed changes to uniform in specific cases.  Following these uniform expectations also allows us the freedom to vary them for dressing up days and other special occasions.


Hats (for cold weather or to protect from the sun), coats (for warmth and/or to keep rain out) and gloves should be sent in with children as appropriate for the weather, as we expect children to go outside as much as possible.


We ask that all children have a backpack, lunch box/bag and water bottle.

Nursery - Year 4: A resilient royal blue bookbag large enough for A4.

Please note - uniform is optional for Nursery children.

Early Years

Girls Boys


(all year when not in summer uniform)

Pale blue polo shirt (no logo) Pale blue polo shirt (no logo)

Grey pinafore or skirt OR grey trousers Grey trousers

*Ocean blue round-necked sweatshirt OR
*Ocean blue cardigan
*Ocean blue round-necked sweatshirt


(Optional depending on the weather between Easter and October half term)

Light blue gingham dress

Blue or white cycling shorts (optional)

Pale blue polo shirt & grey shorts/trousers
All year

Any royal blue book bag

Any royal blue book bag

White socks/grey tights

Grey socks

Black shoes
(not boots or sandals)

Black shoes (not boots or sandals)

PE kit (only for Reception - summer term) *Royal blue/black short sleeved sports top *Royal blue/black short sleeved sports top
Black leggings/joggers or shorts Black joggers or shorts
Trainers/plimsolls with no laces Trainers/plimsolls with no laces
Plain white socks Plain white socks
Same school jumper/ cardigan can be
worn for PE
Same school jumper/ cardigan can be worn for PE