What makes the King's School special? 1
What makes the King's School special? 2

What makes the King’s School special?

PRINCIPLES: We remain true to our founding principles: to be thoroughly Christian in curriculum, the character traits we encourage and develop in the pupils and the community atmosphere we maintain.

Christian education that gets results 3
Christian education that gets results 4

Christian education that gets results

We want to change the world!
Our Vision, Mission and virtues explain how we are going to try and achieve this with God’s help.

Christian in Character 5
Christian in Character 6

Christian in Character

Our school mission statement is to create young people who know God and are trained to serve and influence their generation by Godly attitudes and actions. We train pupils towards Christian maturity in ways appropriate to their differing age levels.

Christian in Community 7
Christian in Community 8

Christian in Community

The King’s School is a family: Our aim at The King’s School is to serve the parents in helping to train children socially, academically, emotionally and spiritually, thus equipping them for life.

Christian in Curriculum 9
Christian in Curriculum 10

Christian in Curriculum

Throughout the school, great emphasis is placed on the Bible as the Word of God. Each week spiritual principles are taught through stories and theme teaching and time is given to worshipping and praying together. As pupils get older, we encourage them to think through the implications of their faith and to see how it affects the world around them.