Family working together: Early years 1

Family working together: Early years

The King’s School is registered with the Department for Education as an independent non-selective, co-educational Christian School for children and young people aged 3 – 16.

Early years education is provided on site through the Stepping Stones Foundation Unit.  This variety of educational provision in a semi-rural shared space fosters a family atmosphere and ensures that transition from one stage to another is smooth and easy for the children.

Our aim is to provide your pre-school age children with  a high quality of care where they can grow personally, socially, emotionally, spiritually and developmentally.  We seek to achieve all of the ‘Early Learning Goals’ defined by the Government, in the context of a Biblically based Christian environment.  We want to give  children the best start to their school life!

Children can start in our first Nursery class in the term in which they have their 3rd birthday.  Stepping Stones acts as a ‘feeder school’ for The King’s School, aiming to provide a smooth transition from the Nursery years into ‘paid for’ education at Reception.  However, where space permits we also welcome children who will go on to other schools for their Reception year at the end of the second Nursery class.

Applications for a Reception place at The King’s School need to be registered with our Registrar by 15th January in the year when your child will start Reception from the September. Please see our admissions policy for full details of the process.