Helping in School: a parent's story 1

Helping in School: a parent’s story

When our eldest child began at The King’s School age 4, I was greatly resentful of the expectation that I would give time to the school, especially as our other children were very young, I was pregnant again and child care would be an issue.  However, I was curious to see how the school ran and felt that it would give me a bit more of an insight into this strange ‘Christian Education’ – how different could it be from my school days?

Well, within a very short time I was actively looking forward to my Thursday afternoons in school.  Each week I was learning more and more skills to help me be a better parent by watching how the teachers interacted with their students.  I also found that my understanding of God and the Bible was being enriched week on week as I watched the teaching and this helped me to grow spiritually too.  I grew to love the children in the class where I was assisting and it is such a blessing to our family many years later that some of those young people, who have long left TKS, have become our friends.  We enjoy hearing from them about life at university, or begin work in their chosen careers, become engaged.

Over time, I have grown to understand better how the school works and realise how by putting God at the centre of everything the children are free to be themselves and encouraged to be the person that God has created them to be.  Each of our children is unique and this uniqueness is celebrated throughout the school.  None of them has ever felt compared favourably or unfavourably to a sibling and their differences are valued.  They have learnt that asking for God’s help is a good thing – that it is difficult to make good choices on your own or to be good in your own strength. Their bible knowledge is probably better than mine now and for that I am so grateful.

I think over the years, many of the teachers have unwittingly discipled me alongside my children.  I am a better Christian thanks to their input and this has been my greatest gain… I am still learning how to be a better parent!