Partnership with parents 1

Partnership with parents

We see our role as working alongside parents, providing structure and specialist knowledge, in what is a genuine partnership in order to educate your children. The emphasis we place on parental involvement and the responsibility of parents for their child’s education is a distinctive feature of the school.

A parent’s testimony

“At every turn the school has been welcoming and helpful towards our daughter.  The staff know her; they recognise and celebrate her strengths as well as supporting her in those areas she finds more challenging.  They have nurtured her as a whole and ensured that when she leaves school at the end of this academic year, she will do so with her self-esteem intact (always so important for a teenager!) and knowing that she has fulfilled her potential.  A huge congratulations to Mr Beegoo and his colleagues for creating such a successful learning environment.”

A parent’s story

alison-and-jacobFor years I read information about The King’s School and thought it was great but wasn’t for me or my children. My reasons were that I went to a state school and turned out alright, we couldn’t possibly afford it and I wasn’t willing to travel 2 hours a day, especially with Jacob’s siblings then 3 months and 20 months.

I decided, however, to go to an open day about a year before we had to make a choice for Jacob – mainly so I could rule The King’s School out. On arrival I was greeted by a delightful Year 6 pupil who gave me a tour of the school. I then sat down for the Principal’s address but instead of hearing his words I sensed that God was saying “I’d really like you to send Jacob here”. I tried to ignore it, but just knew this was where he was supposed to be.

The next year was tough and on many occasions I tried to forget what God had said, thinking our village school made much more sense. Then it came to having to tell all the other parents that Jacob wouldn’t be going to the village school and the battle began.

Many of them couldn’t understand why I didn’t think the village school was right for our son. One parent thought I was sending Jacob to a cult school, some asked why I didn’t send him to the C of E school in the next village and people just didn’t understand. But we practised tying the tie. September arrived and we felt as prepared as we could be.

Jacob very soon adapted to his new school and now loves it. I can truly say every tear, pound, minute and mile has been worth it and I am so pleased we made that decision. I have the privilege of visiting the school twice a day when doing school runs – and love it! God dwells in that place and you just sense His presence when you’re there.”