Serving the school 1

Serving the school

Our role as a school is to work alongside parents, serving them by providing the structure and specialist knowledge to assist them in fulfilling this task, whilst holding in trust that measure of responsibility they have delegated to us. In the light of this understanding of our partnership in the education of the children, we ask that each family offers at least half a day (or equivalent) helping in school each week. This could be as a Teaching Assistant, listening to readers, administrative help – whatever your talents, we are keen to use them to enhance the education of our children.

The involvement of parents was noted in our Inspection Report:  “The school’s partnership with parents is very close, keeping them well informed and in return receiving a great deal of support from them.”

We appreciate that helping in school may be a challenge so please talk to the school about this should you think this could be difficult. There are also a number of creative ways that parents can serve the school outside school hours.

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