Our Vision 1

Our Vision

The vision of the school (what the school should be aiming at) is:

To be a Christ-centred, independent school, nurturing children in godly character and academic development


Christ-centred: This comes first for us, and is why the school is called The King’s School. We believe that Jesus Christ died, rose again, ascended into heaven and as the rightful King of all creation will one day return. We want everything we do to honour him. We are designated as a faith school that delivers a Christian Education.

Independent School: We have agreed at several points in our history that God wanted us to remain as independent as possible from government control; we could have otherwise given away much of who we are called to be should we have taken state finance. The governors continue to seek to make the school as affordable as possible as we maintain this independence.

Nurturing Children: We believe children were created to be loved and trained in families, and we believe the smaller nurturing nature of our school expresses a distinctive sense of Christian family as we relate together.

Godly Character: We have a high focus on shaping the character of our children together with you as parents. The character virtues we are looking to see in them are further explained below.

Academic Development: We are a school that has an excellent track record of academic progress and results. We understand this is a blessing which overflows from our focus on knowing God. We want to see all our children achieve to the very best of their ability, however ‘academic’ they are. We continue not to select pupils on academic ability. God has helped us provide a ‘Christian Education that gets results!’