The King's School

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About us

We are an independent, Christ-centred, non-selective, co-educational school for ages 3-16 years. We're located on a four-acre site, in peaceful fringes of the town of Witney near Oxford.


Our specially tailored curriculum works in partnership with parents to disciple and develop pupils, spiritually and academically. Most work is in parallel with the national curriculum but we have the freedom to teach what we believe to be important. We live out Christian values and teach from a Biblical perspective. Consequently 80-90% of past pupils identify themselves as followers of Christ (Sylvia Baker, David Freeman & Richard Brittan; Warwick University. Presented in 2019).

Wisdom and learning

Our teachers are all Christians who have been called to disciple children to know God for themselves and grow in a relationship with him. They use their giftings to bring learning to life, whether that’s in the classroom, on our sports field, on the playground or in our outdoor learning area.

Caring community

Through our inter-year group ‘houses’, assemblies, parent’s association, celebratory events, and just meeting at the end of school, our school is really something special when it comes to community. All years and parents are encouraged to get to know one another, as we disciple our children to a life of Christian faith.

High quality

This school was established nearly 40 years ago, and at the time, was the first in a wave of new independent schools, putting Christ at the centre of education. We’ve developed a lot over the years but still remain true to our founding Biblical principles. 

Small and friendly

We keep our classes small enough that we can really get to know our pupils. Our teachers know, care and pray for each individual. Educational studies show the benefits of smaller class sizes and, while we have enough to create an exciting buzz in the classes, we still maintain a small and friendly atmosphere.

A life of great impact

We prepare our students for a life of great impact in the world and our leavers are highly regarded by local colleges and sixth forms. Many even return when they become parents themselves. Students go to bring their Christian values to the workplace in a range of careers, from scientists, lawyers, healthcare professionals, CEOs, engineers, educators, musicians, entrepreneurs, through to working in churches and mission abroad.

Student and parent satisfaction

Our well-rounded approach to learning and social development is certainly popular with parents and students alike. 

In our most recent pupil survey, 93% of secondary pupils and 92% of primary pupils said teachers help them to learn and make progress. 

In the most recent parent survey, 60 out of 63 families who responded felt they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their child’s experience at school (two neutral).