The King's School

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Principal – Mrs L Weber,, 01993 778463 

Interim Chair of Governors – Mr A Barnett 

Chairman of Proprietorial Body 
Mr S Jones, Oxfordshire Community Churches, 01865 297420


Mrs K Smith - Senior Administrator
Mrs A Woodward - Assistant Administrator
Mrs C Holmes – Assistant Administrator
Mrs K Neal – Bursar
Mrs O Watterson - Registrar

Mr J Smith – Site Manager

Mr S Bowers – IT Manager

Early Years

Mrs A Blakey - Head of Early Years
Mrs R Pearson - Deputy
Mrs H Cooper - Deputy
Mrs S Cadywould - Early Years Practitioner
Mrs R Wagstaffe - Early Years Practitioner and Forest School Teacher


Mrs K McKenzie - Head of Primary
Mrs O Enticknap - Year 1 & 2 teacher
Mrs K Marshall- Year 3 Teacher
Mrs K Hobbs - Year 4 Teacher
Mrs J Leeming - Year 5 Teacher
Mr M Pearson - Year 6 teacher and Deputy Head of Primary
Mrs R Wagstaffe - Forest School Teacher

Our Primary assistant teachers and teaching assistants are:
Mrs T Beegoo, Mrs S Foster, Mrs A Hoxhallari and Mrs J Newman


Mr G Beck - Head of Secondary
Mrs C Thomas - Year 7 Tutor
Mrs C Jackman - Year 8 Tutor
Mrs J Kane - Year 9 Tutor
Mrs R Bloomfield - Year 10 Tutor
Miss R Gray - Year 11 Tutor, Exams Officer and Safeguarding Lead

Art and Design 

Miss S Lomas - Head of Art and Design
Mrs B Jones

Drama and Music

Mrs J Kane - Head of Drama and Music


Mrs R Bloomfield - Head of English
Mrs R Gray
Mrs C Jackman
Mrs E Pienaar
Mrs C Thomas


Mr G Beck - Head of Humanities
Mr R Bloomfield
Miss R Gray
Mrs S Mason
Mrs C Thomas (also PSHE and RS)


Mrs S Halgreen - Head of Maths
Mrs M Sayles
Miss A Scott

Modern Foreign Language

Mrs C Jackman - Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs R Cadywould
Mr A Hobbs

PE and Games

Mrs C Bowers
Mr A Hobbs
Mr J Gridley


Dr T Clark – Head of Science
Mr J Cairns
Mrs C Poon

Mrs J Self