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Uniform and equipment

Pupils communicate the school's values through their appearance. We want to maintain a standard that is neat and tidy, without unnecessary ostentatious display. Pupils need to be able to work safely with one another – their uniform and appearance needs to reinforce this.

Pupils must ensure that they are neat and tidy on arrival at school for registration each morning and should endeavour to maintain this throughout the school day. We would appreciate parents’ support in this in ensuring that the children leave home in the correct uniform.

All issues related to challenges with suitable appearance will be handled compassionately and pastorally.


Many of our uniform items can be bought on the high street, or through online retailers. TKS uniform items (school jumpers, book bags etc) are available from Skoolkit.

We also have a second-hand uniform shop where we often have TKS uniform items at good value prices. Please contact the office to check availability.

Personal Possessions

We discourage pupils from bringing personal possessions into school as the school cannot accept responsibility for any personal possessions that are lost or damaged in school. If a pupil has been asked to bring in an item from home for a class activity, parents should remind the pupil that the item should be stored safely with a staff member during the day.

Labelling uniform and equipment

All items that are worn or bought to school should be clearly labelled with the pupils’ full name. There are many good label suppliers online, including Please let the office know if you would like to order through them as we can earn commission on sales on this website.

Lost property

There are two lost property boxes in school, one in each foyer. Please ask your child to check both boxes for lost items. The staff will try to return items that have been labelled to the correct child.