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Behaviour, mobiles and dogs

Good behaviour is encouraged throughout the school by praise, positive reinforcement and leading by example. We also run a system of rewards using tokens in primary school and commendations in secondary school. Pupils may also receive Principal’s awards or an award at our annual Prize Giving, which recognise particularly outstanding behaviour of all types.

We treat the children as we would wish to be treated ourselves. We have a set of principles, agreed with pupils and parents, which are outlined in the Partnership Agreement that parents sign when joining the school. We ask you to talk to your child so they can understand what is expected of them.

You can find further details in our Behaviour and Discipline Policy.

Mobile phones

Students are allowed mobiles phones but they cannot be used in school. Please see our mobile phone policy for more information.


The school recognises that dogs form an important part of family life for many of its pupils and as
such, are often included in day-to-day activities, such as the school run. We also see pet ownership
as a valuable educational experience for children.

The school also acknowledges the views of families who have chosen not to have dogs or other pets.
We also recognise that bringing dogs on site might pose a health and safety risk to our pupils and
others onsite may be unsettled as they arrive and leave school. There are added risks of dogs
fouling, biting or showing aggressive behaviour.

In the light of this, all dogs must either remain outside the school gate, supervised by a responsible
person, or in a car. Dogs may not come onto the paved areas surrounding school, onto the school
field or playgrounds.

Dog owners are responsible for clearing up any dog fouling outside the school gates. There is a
public dog waste bin at the end of Early Road which may be used for disposal.

This restriction does not apply to trained assistance dogs, who are welcome onsite after notification
has been made to the Principal of the school.