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We want our students to live responsible and faithful lives for Christ and learn about his wonderful world, surrounded by teachers who encourage them to thrive in all areas of their learning. We want pupils to grow spiritually, developing Christ-like characters and love for God's wonderful creation.

Christian curriculum

The subjects studied in our Christian curriculum are broadly the same as most schools, however, it is the context that makes the difference. Where appropriate, we share a Christian world-view or take opportunities to reveal more about who God is within the subject, through references to the Bible. For example, in a lesson about space, helping the children to understand the expanse of the universe, and how He made each of us, knows us and loves us (Psalm 139).

School day

We start each day focusing on God, whether that is with an inspiring outside speaker at our twice-weekly assembly, devotion times in individual classes, or students praying for one another. This sets us off with the right mindset for effective learning of core subjects such as mathematics and English. We also encourage students to broaden their horizons, through subjects including science, French, art, D&T, computing, PSHE (Physical, Social, Health and Economic education), drama, PE, music, outdoor learning (Y1-4) and Biblical studies. We go outside and explore creation in our outdoor learning area and large PE field.


Our lessons are complemented by a rich tapestry of events, opportunities and school trips throughout the year. 

  • We encourage world awareness through fundraising days for charities such as Open Doors and RE:UK.
  • We nurture leadership skills through our School Council, Student Ambassadors, Student Librarians, allowing students to organise events and the student tech support team. We encourage pupil voice by asking children to vote for what lunchtime clubs they want to see in their school.
  • We are blessed to have some amazing visiting speakers, including local church pastors, visiting evangelists, police, local politicians and mayors, as well as some 'softer' visitors, such as Chrissie’s Owls.
  • We offer exciting school trips to complement classroom learning; we visited Heythrop Zoo and fed the tigers, made wishes at the Oxford Story Museum, created pizzas at Pizza Express, to name but a few! In addition to these we have team building opportunities through our enrichment day at Adventure Plus in Year 3/4 and our Youlbury residential in Year 5/6.
  • We are aware of the world, often talking and praying about current world events.

Assessing attainment

The small classes mean we truly know the individual children and aim to help them reach their full potential. We have no SATs tests at this school, which means less pressured learning tailored to children’s gifts and capabilities. However, we do encourage children to be familiar and able to cope with testing, through regular assessments in class in keeping with national standards. We use these to identify any areas where children might need more support or challenge.


The physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of pupils is of paramount importance. Along with the pastoral support provided by teachers, we have dedicated a wellbeing area for reflection, calm space, small group work and prayer. We run small groups and 1:1 support to help pupils with their wellbeing. We are giving all Primary pupils a Devotion Journal to use during devotions, registration time and other points in the day, and they can take them home at the end of the year as a keepsake.


We believe our excellent parent and school partnership ensures we have good communication, which in turn helps each child to do their very best. Within school, we also highly value relationships. Our ‘family groups’ have students from year groups across the whole school who get together for lunch, big events and prayer time every term.

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