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In Secondary, we build on the foundation laid in Primary, by further deepening pupils’ Christian faith and preparing them for a meaningful and impactful life beyond The King's School.

School life

In Years 7-9, pupils study the core subjects, as well as History, Geography, French, German, and Expressive Arts subjects such as Art, Drama and Music. Religious Studies is delivered as a core subject, and whilst mainly Christian, also introduces pupils to other world religions, and disciplines such as philosophy and ethics. The school’s Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) and Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) curriculums are delivered weekly, with some RSE content also being delivered in Biology and Religious Studies. Pupils enjoy a range of sports and athletic activities in Games lessons.


In Years 10-11, pupils’ study between nine and ten GCSEs. Due to breadth of content, some of these are begun in Year 9. All pupils study the core subjects (marked by an asterisk), alongside a further three option subjects. Below are the subjects we currently offer, however it should be noted that some option combinations may not be possible due to timetabling and staffing constraints.

  • Mathematics*
  • English Language*
  • English Literature*
  • Biology*
  • Chemistry*
  • Physics*
  • Combined Science x2* (if not taking separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  • Religious Studies*
  • History
  • Geography
  • French
  • German
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • PE

In some circumstances, pupils may be given the opportunity to self-study a GCSE which cannot be offered as an option subject. Recently, pupils have self-studied Computer Science and Spanish.

In Years 10-11, one Morning Tutor time each week is set aside for PSHE/RSE. Pupils also enjoy a range of sports and athletic activities in Games lessons.

Christian curriculum

Whilst broadly following the national curriculum, teachers use wisdom and discernment when selecting the learning content and choose material that is in line with the School’s Christian values. Opportunities for pupils to reflect on their learning from a biblical perspective, or apply their knowledge of God, are planned into schemes of work. Teachers seek to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit when delivering learning, and so may pause a lesson in order to pray about an issue that comes up or turn to the Bible for wisdom on the matter.


Teachers’ are committed to making learning engaging, and fostering a sense of curiosity in pupils. Visiting speakers share their expertise or provide insights into various occupations and professions; whilst educational visits further illuminate classroom learning. In any given week, a pupil could visit Bletchley Park to deepen their leaning on a historically significant example of where mathematics was applied, or have their learning on the rule of law illuminated by a visiting police officer. However virtually every week, pupils receive biblical teaching from teachers, visiting ministers, missionaries, or evangelists, during Friday assemblies.


The physical, mental and spiritual well-being of pupils is of paramount importance. Along with the pastoral support provided by tutors, dedicated well-being facilities are available for pupils requiring additional support, advice and prayer. Extracurricular opportunities further enrich the lives of pupil, these include: interschool sports fixtures; the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award; a range of lunch clubs and end of year enrichment activity days.


Pupils in the secondary school are encouraged and supported to take seriously the school virtue of sacrificial love. This is commonly, although not explicitly, demonstrated through serving the school community in the following ways: standing on the School Council; participating in the Assembly worship band; organising and running lunch clubs; leading Friday discussion groups; fundraising for the term’s chosen charity.

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